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Moliving at Hurley House will mark the wellness-focused brand’s flagship debut

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NEW YORK, NY – [May 31, 2022] – Moliving, the world’s premier luxury nomadic hospitality solution, is introducing the first energy-positive eco-resort in North America with the opening of the brand’s flagship this year: Moliving at Hurley House. Nestled in the heart of Hudson Valley, the forthcoming 60-suite resort will set the new standard for eco-conscious travel by combining futuristic design, technological innovation and the use of proximity materials, allowing guests to experience the highest level of luxury with minimal impact to the environment.


Moliving at Hurley House will encourage guests to experience the true freedom of nature without ever compromising its rich surroundings or the comfort of luxury. The flagship will be an oasis designed to recharge the body and mind by blending nature, sustainability, technology and wellness to create the most eco-responsible hospitality project to date.  


“We are expanding the boundaries of traditional hospitality and are well on the way to introducing a never-before-seen sustainable concept that no one has yet attempted to achieve,” said Jordan Bem, Founder and CEO of Moliving. “Moliving at Hurley House will not only mark the brand’s flagship debut, but it will also establish a new standard of what eco-responsible development means for the hospitality, real estate and construction industries as a whole.”


Innovative and Positive Design


Being at the forefront of eco-responsibility, Moliving has created its own proprietary mobile suites that blend sustainability and luxury. Each suite has been designed and built to follow the highest efficiency and sustainability standards available. The suites are truly “green” and are engineered to harvest enough solar energy to be fully independent from the power grid and generate sufficient power to operate all other facilities throughout the site.


The Moliving Suites feature a self-leveling system that protects the land by allowing them to be removed with no impact to the ground below, never leaving a trace behind. The suites can be operated and removed without leaving a trace depending on the season, which reduces maintenance and energy consumption.


Moliving at Hurley House will be the blueprint for eco-responsible construction. The hotel will be self-sustainable from an energy standpoint with its own water management system and renewable infrastructure. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the suites by allowing guests to optimize their stay by selecting their room temperature and lighting preferences. The data will be saved by Moliving and repurposed to ensure the highest quality stay for each guest based on their preferences and to also optimize the use of energy.


Moliving has created an entirely new segment in the hospitality industry: a hybrid between sustainability, mobility, and luxury. Combining breathtaking locations with an unparalleled level of service, all while keeping sustainability at its core, Moliving is truly redefining the meaning of luxury as we know it, and Moliving at Hurley House will be the genesis of it all.


“At Moliving, we strive to create our guest’s path to adventure and comfort without ever leaving a footprint behind,” said Agustin Desintonio, Head of Hospitality at Moliving Inc.  “This environment is curated by delivering an unparalleled level of service in an environment that implements an eco-friendly philosophy through every step of their stay.”    


Ever Present, Seamlessly Integrated and Without Boundaries

At Moliving, sustainability and wellness become one. Guests are welcomed into the breathtaking natural environment to enjoy unplugged exploration and signature standards throughout its suites and facilities. Moliving guests will have access to a plethora of bespoke activities and experiences that are custom tailored to be seamlessly integrated with the rich surroundings. Whether guests decide to utilize the Moliving at Hurley House spa or fitness center, they will always be immersed in both luxury and nature, allowing them to disconnect, heal and recharge the body and mind.


Moliving at Hurley House will partner with existing local and sustainable farm producers and suppliers to provide for the restaurants and bars. At the heart of the facility, the hotel’s main restaurant will provide guests with a unique locally procured dining experience that will celebrate the bountifulness of the Hudson Valley.


A pristine sanctuary for all those who wish to reconnect with nature without foregoing luxury, Moliving at Hurley House will offer carefully crafted experiences that are out of the ordinary. The goal is for guests to be elevated above today’s demands and distractions while also be reminded of life’s beautiful moments in the heart of nature. Moliving aims to encourage awareness throughout its own practices: each room will have designated two-sided bins for recycling, only glass bottles will be used for drinking water, and all to-go containers will be made of recycled materials in an effort to achieve a plastic-free facility. Additionally, there will be no cars or vehicles on the property, and instead, guests will have access to electric golf carts and bicycles to get around the site.


To further solidify its commitment to sustainability, Moliving has also recently announced a partnership with One Tree Planted and will further its mission to protect the environment by planting one tree for every reservation booked at any of their luxury eco-resorts.


“Our goal is to redefine travel by combining unmatched luxury and innovative experiences with sustainability and technology, all while delivering an uncompromised level of service,” said Hanna Bem, Head of Sustainability at Moliving Inc. “Moliving aims to provide amazing incomparable experiences while reaching the goal for net zero travel.”


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About Moliving

Moliving is a nomadic hospitality solution that can pop up anytime and anywhere, providing a true luxury experience to its guests with minimal impact to the environment. Being at the forefront of eco-responsibility the Moliving Suites are designed with sustainability, durability, flexibility and luxury in mind. With mobility in mind, Moliving’s mission is to democratize the hotel industry and allow landowners to invest in their property as a hospitality destination in an efficient and scalable manner. To learn more, visit

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