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You are One Stop Away from Becoming a Hotelier


Conventional construction is time consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. We have developed a proprietary solution that is sustainable and scalable. 

Moliving will take care of the entire hotel lifecycle for you: design, engineering, permitting, construction, and even operation. All you need to do is bring the land to the table. Seriously. We are your single point of contact for the entire process.

Land plot in aerial view. Identify registration symbol of vacant area for map. That proper

Assessment (complimentary)

If you own land and are interested in forming a partnership, Moliving could be the perfect fit for you! 

Enter your address below, and our team will use geo-spatial, zoning data, and market comps to determine whether your land is a fit and how many units can be installed on your property. 

Check Eligibility

Thanks for submitting!

Development (refundable deposit)

Moliving covers 100% of the process so you can relax! We visit your property, conduct aerial mapping, and gather your design and budget requirements. Our teams will generate custom preliminary site plans and provide you with 3D visualizations.

Once approved, our teams will handle everything from the permitting, engineering, and interior design, to the staffing. If your project does not get approved by the local municipality, we will refund your deposit. 

Unlike traditional construction, we build in parallel: site work occurs at the same time as the manufacturing and the staffing. Not only do we save you the time and headaches, but we are accountable for the sitework, manufacturing and operations which allows us to assure the high quality fit, finish and operations of your hotel.

By controlling all aspects the building process, we can make you an eco-responsible hotelier in under six months! 

It’s almost as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Landscape Designs Blueprints For Resort..jpg


Once fabricated, our Units are shipped via land, sea, or even air to your hotel site. We partner with local controlled manufacturing plants in order to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our delivery costs. 

On site, our team will either connect the units to the grid in a matter of minutes or set them up to run 100% off the grid. Our self-leveling system allows us to position the Units on any terrain, even untouched or sloped land. 

You are now a hotelier! 


Moliving, through its subsidiary The Moliving Collection, handles everything for you: the operations, staffing, reservation system, marketing setup, and more. The talented management team has decades of experience in rebranding, repositioning, and opening boutique and luxury properties in various market segments. Their previous experience in various prestigious hotel groups such as Four Seasons, Dorchester Collection, Starwood Hotels, SBE and Intercontinental underline their passion and commitment to delivering personalized services and creating memories that will result in increased guest satisfaction. 

Your hotel will be operating at peak occupancy at all times. Moliving will either reduce or increase its unit count dependent on the season and demand. By adjusting the inventory, the operating margins can be maximized and you will achieve higher Average Daily Rates and occupancy which results in higher revenue per available rooms.

Recycle old wood.jpg


At the end of the Joint Venture Partnership, you have the following options:

1) Extend the partnership. 

2) The partnership can be terminated and Moliving has 180 days to remove its units from your site. Moliving then has the opportunity to repurpose these units to another site. Moliving Units will be removed with minimal impact to the environment and relocated to a new site.

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