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The World’s First Luxury Nomadic Hospitality Group uses its proprietary, sustainable, and scalable solution to manage the entire hotel process for its landowner-partners to open a hotel in a fraction of the time and cost while operating at peak efficiency and profitability

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From left to right: Steven Chen, Head of Design; Jordan Bem, CEO; Hanna Bem, CMO; Agustin Desintonio, Head of Hospitality

NEW YORK, NY – [APRIL 19, 2023] – Moliving, the world’s first luxury nomadic hospitality group aiming to revolutionize hotel development in a unique, sophisticated, and sustainable manner, today launched an online funding campaign with StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding platform. The funding will be used to support the company’s rapid expansion throughout the United States and internationally. Through opening a portion of this new capital round to the public through StartEngine’s crowdfunding platform, Moliving encourages individuals to join their movement of making luxury hospitality development and experiencing more accessible to all while also expanding future guest outreach and involvement.


“Our vision is now a reality, with Moliving at Hurley House opening in 2023,” said Jordan Bem, Founder and CEO of Moliving. “This first property will set the new standard for sustainable hospitality, and more importantly, is the blueprint to our eco-responsible expansion of the Moliving brand.”


With over seven sites in active development and more in the pipeline, the Moliving brand is set to become a pioneer - merging the worlds of outdoor and luxury hospitality. Moliving offers a unique end-to-end sustainable and scalable solution to landowners allowing them to monetize underutilized assets. From design to engineering, permitting, construction, and operations, Moliving takes care of the entire hotel process for its landowner-partners to open a hotel in a fraction of the time and cost. As a part of the solution, Moliving created the world’s first luxury mobile suite, allowing each property to operate at peak efficiency and profitability.


The mobile hotel suites are designed to pop up anywhere and anytime, making them the perfect solution for seasonal and traditionally hard-to-develop markets. With mobility in mind, Moliving can predict seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to match demand in real-time, making it the first hotel group with flexible inventories that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) on a year-round basis.


Moliving is a Joint Venture partner for landowners, who contribute their land and permanent infrastructure, including social areas such as food and beverage, spa, and event spaces. In return, Moliving provides a range of brand services and its proprietary flexible inventory system: the Moliving Suites. This ultimately offers landowners a lower development cost basis, reduced risk, and a profit split after expenses. By leveraging its unique formula, Moliving ensures optimal efficiency at each site while delivering a true ultra-luxury experience to its guests.


In addition to winning Hospitality Design’s best New Brand Launch in 2022, Moliving has won numerous accolades including a Platinum TITAN Business Award for Hospitality, the Gold Stevie Award for Startup of the Year, two Gold Awards from the MUSE Hotel Awards, and was selected as the winner for Emerging Hotel Concept by the Gold Key Awards. With multiple hotels in the pipeline since launching in 2021, Moliving is gearing up for rapid expansion.


"We're thrilled to launch this crowdfunding campaign and bring the ability to invest in our innovative and sustainable company to the public," said Bem. “We firmly believe that our first in-industry business model is the future of hotel design, development, and operation. We are inviting people to #SeektheMomentJointheMovement in order to fuel our growth not only in the United States, but across the world."


To learn more about Moliving and the opportunity for equity investment during the current limited-time funding round, please visit


For additional information and an interactive walkthrough of the Moliving Suite, visit:





About Moliving

Moliving is a nomadic hospitality solution that can pop up anytime and anywhere, providing a true luxury experience to its guests with minimal impact to the environment. Being at the forefront of eco-responsibility the Moliving Suites are designed with sustainability, durability, flexibility and luxury in mind. With a focus on mobility, Moliving’s mission is to democratize the hotel industry and allow landowners to invest in their property as a hospitality destination in an efficient and scalable manner. To learn more, visit


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