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Moliving is a unique and sustainable investment opportunity, providing an end-to-end solution - from design and construction to operations - for landowners looking to monetize their underutilized assets. Moliving hotels are built in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional hotels, while also providing guests with an unparalleled stay in uncharted locations where nature takes center stage. Moliving has developed the best case use of real estate: hotels that are always at the right place at the right time. 




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Moliving Inc. is the first luxury nomadic hospitality group that can pop up anytime and anywhere. Being at the forefront of sustainability and technology, Moliving has created the best-case use of real estate. Focusing on seasonal and traditionally hard to develop markets, Moliving offers future hoteliers and landowners the opportunity to build hotels in months versus years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. With mobility in mind, Moliving can predict seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to match demand in real time. Moliving is the first hotel groups that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) on a year-round basis. In addition to winning Hospitality Design’s best New Brand Launch in 2022, Moliving has won numerous accolades including a Platinum TITAN Business Award for Hospitality, the Gold Stevie Award for Startup of the Year, two Gold Awards from the MUSE Hotel Awards, and was selected as the winner for Emerging Hotel Concept by the Gold Key Awards.


Moliving has taken the traditional luxury hospitality model and rebuilt it from scratch, prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Moliving has created the best case use of real estate by developing a turnkey solution that streamlines every aspect of constructing and operating a hotel - from design, manufacturing, and installation to hospitality operations. Moliving operates as a Joint Venture partner for landowners. These landowners provide land and permanent infrastructure in the form of social areas (food and beverage, spa, event spaces). In exchange, Moliving offers its range of brand services as well as its proprietary flexible inventory system: The Moliving Suites. Landowners have a lower development cost basis, reduced risk, and a profit split (post expenses). With Moliving’s unique formula, Moliving can operate each site at peak efficiency, while systematically providing the true ultra-luxury experience expected by our discerning guests.

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The Moliving Suite is a revolution in the world of hospitality, blending mobility and luxury like never before. Designed by Moliving and manufactured locally with sustainable materials in order to reduce carbon footprint, the Moliving Suite is the first truly mobile luxury hospitality suites making hotels with adjustable inventory a reality. The Moliving Suite is the perfect platform for all guests, whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with your family. The modular design of the Moliving Suites allows for customization and scalability. The Moliving Suites can be customized to fit the location and desired use, ensuring that every stay is a truly bespoke and unforgettable experience. The Moliving Suites can be manufactured in months, allowing locations to rapidly scale to demand. 

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Overall, Moliving offers the ability to have a fully operating hotel in months versus years - and at a fraction of the cost of conventional builds. Moliving has the ability to adapt room inventory to demand in real time, resulting in peak operational efficiencies and profitability. Did we mention we believe that Moliving are the first and only to be doing this?


Challenges in the traditional hospitality space include seasonality, fixed room capacity, and the pitfalls of construction. Not to mention,  traditional construction accounts for 40% of annual global CO2 (source). 

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Moliving develops and operates hotels with flexible inventories that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate (“ADR”) on a year-round basis, thanks to our unique advantages.

Moliving's Advantages.png

Moliving is changing the traditional hotel industry by leveraging real-time data analysis to accurately forecast demand and adjust room inventory accordingly. This approach maximizes revenue during high seasons and reduces operational costs during off-seasons, enabling us to maintain peak occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) all year while enhancing the guest experience with our signature blend of creativity and customization.


The demand for outdoor hospitality and glamping sites has surged in the past few years (source). With the trend shifting towards modular builds, we believe Moliving's innovative brand and solution caters precisely to this need, positioning Moliving as a frontrunner in this emerging space.

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Since its launch in 2021, Moliving has multiple hotels in its development pipeline that are projected to open within the next 36 to 48 months, with additional sites being vetted daily. Our primary manufacturing partner (and investor), Safe & Green Holding Corp (Nasdaq: SGBX), has committed to scaling manufacturing operations to meet demand from Moliving. SGBX CEO, Paul Galvin, sits on Moliving’s advisory board, together with various industry experts, including Jason Pomeranc of SIXTY Hotels.


Moliving’s strategic vision has been recognized throughout the industry. Moliving’s accolades include:  

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  • The Platinum TITAN Business Award for Hospitality in the Company & Organization category (source)

  • The Gold Stevie Award in the Startup of the Year / Business Service Industry category at the 20th Annual American Business Awards (source)

  •  Two gold awards from the MUSE Hotel Awards: World-Class Eco/Green Hotel and Architecture Design (source)

  • Winner for the “New Brand Launch” category at the 18th Annual Hospitality Design Awards (source)

  •  Winner for Emerging Hotel Concept by the Gold Key Awards (source)

  • Jordan Bem, CEO of Moliving, was nominated as the second most influential and innovative leaders across travel, hospitality and real estate by International Hospitality Media's Limited: "2022 Ones to Watch in the Year Ahead" (source)

  • Hanna Bem, CMO of Moliving, also received the 2022 TITAN Women in Business Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year (source)

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Seek The Moment.png

Moliving is driven by the principle that nature itself is the centerpiece of every experience. We strive to preserve our planet and our natural resources, through our sustainable practices and spreading awareness, without compromising the guest experience. We believe that true hospitality involves harmoniously coexisting with nature, which is why we place a strong emphasis on protecting the natural surroundings of our hotels. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through our efforts to harness renewable energy, recycle greywater, source locally-grown food, and eliminate single-use plastic. This commitment to achieving the highest sustainability standards speaks to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional travel experiences, while being conscious of our impact on the planet.


Moliving’s commitment for excellence to our guests extends to its joint-venture partners and its investors. As technology continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry, Moliving is at the forefront of this transformation. Moliving’s cutting-edge hotels boast flexible inventory, real-time demand response, and, most importantly, aim to democratize the industry. Moliving is committed to operational excellence and sustainability, striving to make a positive impact on local communities and preserving the planet for future generations.



Seek the moment and join the movement with Moliving.

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