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The World’s First Luxury Nomadic Hospitality Group  advances its commitment to 'Creating a Path Without Leaving a Footprint'

NEW YORK, NY – [DECEMBER 14, 2023] – Moliving, the world’s first luxury nomadic hospitality group aiming to revolutionize hotel development in a unique, sophisticated, and sustainable manner, today announces an official partnerships with PwC's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) division and strategic alignment with Tesla's Renewable Energy Solutions Division. These strategic alliances are committed to advancing shared objectives, which include promoting a positive global impact and preserving the natural beauty of our environments while maintaining the delicate balance of nature.

“Moliving is proud to become official partners of both Tesla Energy and PwC, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and collaboration,” said Hanna Bem Co-Founder and CMO of Moliving. “These strategic partnerships enable us to advance the use of sustainable materials, seamlessly blending eco-responsibility with luxury. Collaborating with industry pioneers, we are setting new benchmarks and establishing a blueprint for sustainable and luxury hospitality.”

PwC’s, a global leader in professional services, brings unparalleled expertise advisory, and consulting to empower organizations in navigating complex challenges and achieving sustainable growth. Moliving has strategically aligned with its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) division to propel its mission: "Create Your Path Without Leaving a Footprint." This collaborative venture aims to pioneer a sustainability rating specifically tailored to the modular space, differentiating itself from existing standards like LEED and BREAM, thereby establishing Moliving as the benchmark for eco-responsible development and offering key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive sustainable advancements in the industry.

“This partnership with Moliving signifies a strategic collaboration that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to sustainable practices,” said Oriane Schoonbroodt, Director of Sustainable Finance and ESG Strategy & Deals.  “Joining forces to pioneer a specialized sustainability rating for the modular space, we aim to differentiate Moliving as the industry benchmark for eco-responsible development. This venture exemplifies PwC's dedication to shaping innovative solutions in tandem with forward-thinking organizations like Moliving." 

Tesla Energy, an innovative arm of Tesla Inc., revolutionizes the energy landscape by providing cutting-edge solutions in renewable energy, energy storage, and sustainable power infrastructure. Moliving has aligned itself with Tesla Energy leveraging its advanced energy storage solution for Moliving Suites. Designed to be genuinely environmentally conscious, Moliving Suites harness abundant solar energy, rendering them fully self-sufficient from the power grid and capable of powering all on-site facilities. By integrating Tesla's Powerwall solution, Moliving enhances energy efficiency, making Tesla the ideal solution in this innovative venture.

“Aligning ourselves with a pioneering force like Tesla allows us to further our commitment to redefining luxury through sustainability,” said Jordan Bem, Co-Founder and CEO of Moliving Inc. “Through the integration of Tesla's cutting-edge energy solutions to power Moliving Suites, we are revolutionizing the hospitality industry and setting a new standard for eco-conscious travel experiences.”

For additional information and an interactive walkthrough of the Moliving Suite, visit



About Moliving

Moliving is a nomadic hospitality solution that can pop up anytime and anywhere, providing a true luxury experience to its guests with minimal impact to the environment. Being at the forefront of eco-responsibility the Moliving Suites are designed with sustainability, durability, flexibility and luxury in mind. With a focus on mobility, Moliving’s mission is to democratize the hotel industry and allow landowners to invest in their property as a hospitality destination in an efficient and scalable manner. To learn more, visit


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