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Democratizing the Hospitality Industry

A world with Moliving is a world where everyone can explore untouched nature while enjoying a true luxury experience. Where everyone has access to extraordinary destinations, where hoteliers perform at peak capacity while operating in a sustainable manner. A world in which hotels are inspiring, luxurious, tailor-made and enhance the surrounding environment, and do not consume its resources. A world where the spaces we inhabit improve our lives.

Welcome to Moliving.


Breaking Down the Barriers of Conventional Hotel Development 

Hotels often take years to build and are usually over budget. Today, each hotel is unique, not in location but in build. Hotels are still being built on site, piece by piece, without a repetitive process. The conventional construction industry is broken. It is a fragmented and an inefficient building process that requires too many moving parts. This results in an extraordinarily expensive, time consuming, and unpredictable building process, and makes progress and innovation difficult.
Once open and operational, hotels tend to trade guest experiences with maximum profitability as hotel owners are more concerned about the bottom line versus the actual guest experience. At Moliving our seasoned team is committed to providing personalized services and creating memories that will last for a lifetime.


Technology has Transformed Industries and Hospitality is Next

Almost every object in our lives is fabricated efficiently in a factory and is readily available. So why not hotels too? By building our Units in controlled facilities, we can ensure efficiency in terms of time, predictability in terms of cost, and dependability in terms of availability. Cost overruns are a norm in the traditional construction industry, but with Moliving these surprises do not occur.

Traditionally, the hospitality industry is very volatile. In seasonal markets, hoteliers are pressured to generate their yearly income in a very short time period and are often closed during the off season. What if hoteliers could fluctuate their inventory to adapt to such a circumstance? With Moliving, this is now possible! 

MODULAR CABIN EXT_CAM-EXT-01_06a Cropped.jpg

Building Hotels that Fluctuate Inventory and Respond to Real Time Demand

We started Moliving to democratize the hospitality industry. To do this, we brought together a diverse team from real estate, architecture, hospitality, and manufacturing backgrounds to build technology that streamlines every step of the hotel development process — from design and permitting, to manufacturing and installation. 
Our hotels are designed with sustainability, durability, modularity and luxury in mind, and can be relocated without leaving a trace. Moliving offers future hoteliers and landowners the opportunity to build hotels in months versus years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel.
With mobility in mind, Moliving - through its various partnerships - can accurately forecast seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to match demand in real time. Moliving is the first hotel group that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and ADRs on a year-round basis without compromising our guest's experience.